Running Time:  |  Genre: Action, Drama, Suspense
The movie follows a story of Three deaf Iranian girls ousted from the European Karate Championship, because of their refusal to remove headscarf " Hijab." This official decision challenges the very core of their religious belief system.
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Black Dog
Running Time: 109 minutes  |  Genre: Action, Drama, Suspense
Fulfilling the nearly impossible task of neutralizing a group of terrorists, intrepid Special Forces Major Andrei Rubtsov loses all of his loyal comrades in a fierce battle versus a heavily armed group of terrorists. Having survived through miraculous escape, he must remain undetected and take deep cover in a hostile foreign country. Upon returning to his homeland, Rubtsov becomes tenaciously single-minded in avenging the death of close friends, then rescue his family and eliminate the deranged leaders of an international criminal and terror syndicate which places the world on the brink of large-scale humanitarian disaster. The stakes are enormous…No easy task for Major Rubstov!
Midnight Mass
Running Time: 109 minutes  |  Genre: Action, Drama, Suspense
A controversial film set in Slovakia during World War Two. (1944) A torn family has two sons who conflict their participation in the fighting. Their tense journey will pit brother’s allegiances against themselves, and family loyalties tested. Finding their proper future can only be solved by participating in their family ritual of dining together as a complete family at Christmas time in preparation for “MIDNIGHT MASS.” Their story in surviving the chaos of violence around and within their family resonates powerfully with strong emotion. We look forward to seeing you in the theaters for this incredible event
Producer: Jaques Stival and Salim Khassa   |  Written By: Jacques Stival  |   Production Year: 2014, par PCM Audioviselles and LBYL Films  |   Running Time: 78 minutes  |  Country: France  |  Genre: Action, Adventure
A political web of intrigue and danger weaves through the tense movie thriller ”L’echange.” Russian terrorists kidnap the son of the French Minister of Defense in order to use the boy as a bargaining chip to obtain the design plans of a highly sought after secret weapon. The terrorist syndicate is led by a ruthless woman, Miss Markova who contacts the Defense Minister to meet her demands but resistance causes anger to boil over with Hell-to-pay. Influences from a shady past cloud the picture and no easy exchange can be resolved without violence, setting up a daring rescue which changes the course of all lives involved…and ends for many more unlucky warriors in battle.
Dry Run
Director: Aram Boyrazian   |  Producer: A. David Manoukian  |   Production Year: 2013  |   Running Time: 93 Minutes  |  Country:USA  |   Genre: Action, Adventure
An ordinary mechanic named James is a father who lives a simple life, but to supplement his meager income, he takes the Wrong-Path and becomes a courier and hired gun for an organized crime syndicate. After “doing time & getting out” he runs from his felonious past, but re-connects with a colleague named Nye whom he met in prison. Restless in nature, they take to the Open-Road, reminisce and find a bond of trust that propels them forward together into the future.
Triple Hit
Triple Hit
Director: Huw Bowen   |   Production Year: 2009  |  Cast: Abigail Tarttelin, Damian Hayes, Al Convy, Amelia Tyler, Stephen Steinhaus and Tony Holmes  |  Country: UK  |   Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-fiction
Three-parallel universes collide when a scientist, Rebecca Hunter, conducts an illegal experiment in time travel. She soon discovers three doors are now open to parallel universes – present day, past, and a totalitarian nation in an unknown timeline. As her evil fascist self tries to kill her to invade the other universes with an army, the multi-verse begins to unravel and collide. Rebecca must use her sharp intellect and mastery of quantum physics to save the multi-verse.
Missy & The Maxinator
Missy & The Maxinator
Director: D.J. Lynch   |   Production Year: December 21, 2010  |  Cast: Kevin Winters, Colleen Lynch, Neal Shea, Robert J. Lord, Mary Gausselin  |  Country: USA  |   Genre: Action, Adventure
Three-parallel universes collide when a scientist, Rebecca Hunter, conducts an illegal experiment in time travel. She soon discovers three doors are now open to parallel universes – present day, past, and a totalitarian nation in an unknown timeline. As her evil fascist self tries to kill her to invade the other universes with an army, the multi-verse begins to unravel and collide. Rebecca must use her sharp intellect and mastery of quantum physics to save the multi-verse.
One More Dream
Director: Nikolay Mutafchiev  Writers: Nikolay Mutafchiev, Hristina Apostolova   | Release Date: 19 October 2012 (Bulgaria)  Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure
Four women who have reached the bottom of despair are ready to do anything to re-surface again. And at that very moment life offers them the most absurd opportunity-to fulfill their dream. On the borderline between fantasy and reality the four of them realize that when you have nothing you can risk everything. They rush into a planned bank robbery without realizing that money is the last thing they need. Because fate collides them with people who dream as well.
Director: Samit Kakkad  Writers: Samit Kakkad, Pradeep Rane   | Release Date: 30 November 2012 (India)   | Running Time: 94 minutes Genre: Action, Music, Bollywood, Adventure
They walk the tightrope between right and wrong. They are hungry for recognition, fame and respect. They are immensely gifted but absolutely raw. Their special gift is street smarts and the art of survival. They are impatient and all charged up to grab their share of what is theirs if they win the race of a lifetime. These 9 boys with a misspent childhood, in a juvenile home run by a tyrant warden will dance for passion, for hope and for their dreams to come true. Exorcising their past demons, the 9 boys who society has written off, reach out for the stars. Will their rebellion pay off? Will they become masters of their destinies?
Director & Producer: Alexey Uchitel Writer: Vladimir Makanin   |  Cast: Vyacheslav Krikunov , Peter Logachev , Irakly Mskhalaia   |   Release Date: 2008 | Running Time: 80 minutes  |   Country: Russia |  Language: Russian  | Genre: Action, War
Based on Vladimir Makanin’s book “The Prisoners from the Caucuses,” the film “CAPTIVE” delves deep into the folly of war. Set in the cauldron of the Russian vs. Chechnyan conflict, soldiers are trapped in forbidding and alien Chechnyan landscape. The leader of the trapped group and a top-notch sniper must lead the squadron to safety, but trials and tribulations of all-out war conditions prevail making the escape highly dangerous and deadly. Hatching a plan they end up seizing a local boy as hostage which complicates matters in their quest to freedom.
Director: Francisco Laresgoiti  Writer: Jordi Mariscal (screenplay)   |   Release Date: April 12, 2011  |   Country: Mexico |  Cast: Raúl Méndez, Claudio Lafarga, Sandra Echeverría  | Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi
In this futuristic sci-fi adventure, ultra-privileged young Pablo rejects his place among Mexico’s ruling elite and joins a revolutionary religious movement bent on toppling the country’s despotic military regime.
Director & Producer: Yuri Bykov Writer: : Yuri Bykov   |  Cast: Denis Shedov , Vladislav Toldykov , Alexey Komashko   |   Release Date: 2010 | Running Time: 90 minutes  |   Country: Russia |  Language: Russian  | Genre: Action, Drama
Two opposites do not always attract, especially when they have guns in their hands pointed at each other! Mikhail and Andrey must face the dark forces of their own suspicious natures and the evils that lie in the dark forest as they seek a murderer who is after them, but they must team up together to thwart their own termination. See who wins out in this tale of deceit and lies, and bullets and Action!
baghdad texas
Director: : David H. Hickey  Writers:Al No’mani , Shaneye Ferrell   |  Producer: Booka Michel   |   Release Date: 2009 | Running Time: 93 minutes  |   Country: USA |  Language: English  | Genre: Action, Adventure, Western, Drama
A hilarious romp along the barren Tex-Mex borderlands finds a bungling group of ranchers stumbling upon a Saddam-Hussein look-alike who has survived a plane crash and has been assisted over the border by escaping illegal aliens. Searching for a 10 million dollar reward, the in-fighting ranchers contact the FBI, whereupon the action ramps up and puzzle gets more confusing to solve. Twists and turns ensue as the plot tightens then unwinds with surprise upon the Lone Star edge of chaos.
Nighttime eyes
Director: Salim Khassa  Writer:John Klein   |  Producer: Booka Michel   |   Release Date: 2004 | Running Time: 109 minutes  |   Country: USA |  | Genre: Action, Adventure
A dramatic contemporary action adventure movie, seeing from the backseat of a cab in a major metropolitan city. Once the sun goes down , night light begins in earnest. When our cab driver Lester picks up a faire from the street. Engaging in a risk friendly conversation , Lester watches the road and he’s fair in the backseat. Suddenly, the fair pulls a 357 Magnum rubbing the cab driver, his cash , and all other pieces identity papers. Lester failed to report the incident to the police . couple days later a sharp detective named Andrew, puts the connection together with collected identity , clearly implicating Lester who is now a prime suspect. Accordingly Lester is compelled to find his criminal faire and clear his name.
Director: Chris Stone   |   Release Date: 2011 | Running Time: 55 minutes  |   Country: United Kingdom |  | Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
STAND & DELIVER ! YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE! Based on a legendary true story. This real life tale of a legendary English highwayman named Dick Turpin whose exploits were romanticized following his execution in York for horse theft in 1739.
Survivor Trilogy
Director, Producer & Writer: : Frederic Andre Dupre  Writer:John Klein   |  Cast: Frederic A Dupre, Bernadette Alvarez, Michael, Clamant and Alain Chekka   |   Release Date: 2012 | Running Time: 109 minutes  |   Country: France  | Genre: Action, Thriller
Warrior Vs Cobra
A fast-paced Action/ Thriller, Survivor spins the tale of “Warrior,” who is a bold Frenchmen of special force. With his group led by Captain Karl and Garcia his friend, they are hired to liberate the daughter of the French President. But secretly, Captain Karl’s friend Garcia has a plot to kill the hero – “Warrior.” However, after an intense struggle, Warrior kills Garcia instead. Five years later revenge is on the agenda and Garcia’s brother hatches a plot to kill the hero Warrior. Warrior, a fierce combatant, and can strike with venom like a Cobra. A must-see for Aficionados of Action Films.
A continuation of Part One, SURVIVOR II combines Secrets, Lies, revenge, guns, drugs and money fuel a frenzy of action and suspense in Part Two of the Survivor series ‘Animal.” A murder takes place in the deep woods of France and from there spins a swirl of action/adventure that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
Survivor, “Chase” is Part one of this exciting action/adventure trilogy by diector Frederic Andre Dupre. The dark woods deep within France’s borders are a haven for murderers who are bent on dispensing their own sense of morality. No one is safe from the powerful forces of angry justice that is dished out by this gang of violent men who will do anything and everything to see that revenge is given.
tell me the truth
Director: : Christophe Previte  Producer:Laurence Pullinger   |  Cast: Anne Jacq, Dorothee Girot, David Eguren   |   Release Date: 2009 | Running Time: 69 minutes  |   Country: France | Genre: Action, Drama
Elodie is a 24 yr.-old Frenchwoman living in the South who seeks the truth about the assassination of her parents. The local police give little assistance to her, accusing a vagrant homeless man, but this does not convince Elodie. With the support of her boyfriend, she meets the person who holds clues to the mystery from the beginning , a single mother named Beatrice, who lives with her baby. The late husband of Beatrice was linked to the death of Elodie’s parents and this gives way to a path for Elodie and her boyfriend to follow for answers. As the plot deepens, a rift develops between Elodie & Beatricd and the life of Beatrice’s baby is threatened. Lies and the truth become commingled and the mystery unfolds in a thick fog of deceit.
diamond iced
diamond ice'd
Director: : Alan Brown  Producer:Laurence Pullinger   |  Cast: Anne Jacq, Dorothee Girot, David Eguren   |   Release Date: 2009 | Running Time: 69 minutes  |   Country: United kingdom | Release Date: August 2012 | Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
The intriguing story is Mind-Boggling, how a woman can lead a secret double-life in an attempt to pay off her mob debt, but has worked her sinister plan on two different men, begging the question…just who’s using who? All the ingredients are there… Greed, power, lust and money.
death calls
death calls
Director: : Ken Del Conte   Release Date: August 2012 | Running Time: 90 minutes  |   Country: USA | Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Family
A Mystical Love Story that keeps a viewer guessing. The twisting action occurs amidst the stale, broiling frying pan of hell-on-earth…the USA/ Mexico Border where lives are bought and sold for a few bucks and nobody is loyal to anyone else. A young Mexican girl fights for her life as she is hunted and chased by Corrupt Border Patrollers. Upon entering Arizona from Mexico, Christina’s parents are killed and she escapes. But someone unbeknown to her intervenes for her benefit. Who is the mysterious stranger that saves her life? As the mysterious curtain is unveiled, see the surprise that is a savior to whom she will owe her life.
frame of mind
frame of mind
Director: Tim Russ   |  Cast: Garnet Wong, Chase Masterson, Brad Watson, Menina Fortunato, Crystal Allen, Dominic Keating, Gary Graham, Lynn- Holly Johnson, Nikita Ager   | Running Time: 50 minutes  |   Country: USA | Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-Fiction, Thriller
A combination of six ‘Shorts.” Titles: Deja vu, Eye of the Beholder, Story by Amy Nile, Plugged, Super Heroes, Mistaken Identity. Each title has a very interesting, realistic and intriguing story. Moreover, these “Shorts” are all directed by very well known, respected directors in the industry. TIM RUSS (Director of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men). This compilation is kaleidoscope of well- done shorts that blend into a wonderful pattern of film intrigue and enjoyment. Deja Vu: In the future you can purchase fragments of other people’s memories and upload them into your own. The protagonist Dell tries it himself, but then becomes dangerously obsessed with what he experiences.
Director & Producer: Jerzy Kowynia   |  Cast: Anne Jacq, Dorothee Girot, David Eguren   |   Release Date: 2009 |  Running Time: 77 minutes  |   Country: Poland   |  Genre: Action
Stacho is carrying out a couple-years prison sentence. Tension in the cell develops into an open conflict between him and his cell-mates. Marta, his half-sister who lives with his mother, begins a sexual affair with Liam, a young Irishman. Stach’s mother commits suicide. Stacho gets a temporary two-day pass for the occasion. He goes to his home where he meets his father who he has not seen for a long time. On the night before the funeral a meeting between Stach, Marta, their father and Marta’s lover takes place. It reveals many family secrets. In the morning, on the day of his mother’s funeral, Stacho hesitates whether to take advantage of the chance to flee over the border. Afer giving it some thought he goes back to the prison where the unresolved conflict between him and his cell-mates awaits him.
Director: Ken Del Conte   |  Cast: Robert Miano, Robert Balderson, Ernie Garcia, Chris Bradely, Katherine Pawley   | Running Time: 90 minutes  |   Release Date: July, 2005 | Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Crime
Actress Katherine Pawlak portrays a newly hired fledgling Cop, straight out of the ACADEMY and the daughter of a former Police Chief in a family of Cops. When she uncovers a malicious plot that harms children, the Killers come after her , and the only one to save her is her father. Her dad was a former Police Chief and her two brothers are Cops, so family ties run deep and strong. She uncovers a dirty plot hatched by well-known crooked Politicians, and she is alone in fighting-her-good-fight. Many clever surprises and twists keep a viewer asking, “what’s happens next?” Solid in its acting and story, a good old-fashioned shoot out at the climax makes for a terrific Black Hats vs. the White Hats saga.
hell to pay
hell to pay
Director: Roberto Gomez Martin   |  Cast: Robert Dave Courtney, Billy Murray   | Running Time: 87 minutes  |   Release Date: July, 2005 | Genre: Action, Adventure
Dave Malone is a street-tough gangster who gets set-up by his own brother to murder a rival crime boss. Becoming wise to the scheme, he eliminates the competition and then masterminds a way to beat the murder rap while also beginning his overthrow of the lucrative London crime trade. It’s an intense brother-against-brother standoff where the loser of the dog-fight will be left with all of Hell-to-Pay.